Feb. 24, 2018 - June 2, 2018

Miri Segal 


Herzliya Museum
of Contemporary Art
Curator: Dr. Aya Lurie

Exhibition Catalog

List of works

· Cursed Spirits
· Miriage
· Lament
· Being Miri Segal
· Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto 
  AKA Anonymous Gazes Cross

· Temporary Relief
· Neverfall
· The Shining
· Sergey B.

· Don’t Be Evil


· Place de la Bonne Heure

· Still life in cucumber season

· Necrofleur

· Vapor

· Exhibition Text by:Aya Lurie

Unless otherwise stated works are courtesy of  Miri Segal and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

The work was generously supported by the Cultural Council of the Israel National Lottery - Mifal HaPais.
Miri Segal: Miriage is supported by the Artis Grant Program
Still Images in this catalogue by: Lena Gomon
Videographer: Asi Oren


Miri Segal’s artistic language, crystallized over the past twenty years, employs a variety of media – including video, light and text, treated objects involving hardware and software, photographic and computer-manipulated imagery. Through the involvement of sensory and physical manipulations, optical illusions, word games and enticing technological experiences, Segal's works often invade the viewer's space in unexpected ways. Floating images, Technological Ghosts, shadows without body and the Purgatorium - serve to subtly speculate on our capacity to apprehend concrete reality. Segal’s works reflect her interest in philosophical questions regarding Existence, Ethics of Technology, and Economic-Political Regimes.


Aya Lurie, PhD., is the Director and Chief Curator of The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. Lurie is also a Lecturer at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa in the curatorial program of Israeli Art studies, and serves in several judicial prize committees  (Art, Museum & Curatorship) in varied professional leading venues. She was the former Chief curator of the Shpilman institute for Photography. 


Miri Segal


2007 11


Media installation for a single spectator, Custom made Hardware and software,  Video image,  Collection:Tel Aviv museum of Art
Image: still from installation

Child: Antonio Chury
Photography: With Uri Frost and Ziv Berkovich
Editing: With Uri Frost
Soundtrack: Uri Frost
Technology: With Yuval Kedem (Galileo) and Amnon Dekel
Duration of film: 9’56’’

Tel aviv museum of art collection
A single visitor is invited to embark on a solo audiovisual journey in this space, linking the Beautiful Hours' Circus –an architectural dystopia on the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa – and the Qalandiya checkpoint, which sits on the ruins of the market square of a village by that name between Jerusalem and Ramallah. The video work creates a sense of stagnation, as it flits back and forth between two town squares whose public-community role has been disrupted: the Beautiful Hours' Circus, which lies deserted due to poor planning, and the crowded and hot Qalandiya, after the market there was demolished to make way for a checkpoint whose purpose is to control and restrict the entry of Palestinians from Ramallah into East Jerusalem.
The visitor is invited to enter into the dark space alone, to sit on the chair, and to make it turn around using only his or her body weight. A headset is attached to the chair, playing an audio piece composed by Uri Frost especially for the installation. Attached to the back of the headrest above the visitor’s head is a projector that rotates with the chair so that the projected film moves along the walls that intermittently flit in and out of view in the gloom. The manipulation reflects, in the physical space of the visitor, a sense of political stagnation, for he or she is confined to the rotating chair and obliged to keep watching the screen: if they lower their gaze or look sideways, dizziness ensues.
Text: Aya Lurie

Excerpt From Documentation @ Herzeliya Museum 2018